No one can’t tell how the thought of one mother is responsible for the future of the earth.

No one can’t tell how the thought of one mother is responsible for the future of the earth.

―Art is
the best

Put the thought of the mind
on the physical art, Ballet dance,
be precise, beautiful,
gorgeous, solemnly and keep
the elegance and the best
behavior as a person.
Dance videos
Representative dance videos of

Come on join us! Let’s dance

What's DANCE A- SiA?

Choreography, performance and coaching of DANCE Ballet and JAZZ Hip Hop to domestic and overseas, mainly in Asia region including Japan.


Dance videos

Representative dance videos of


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danceasia R

About lesson contents and fee​

Online lesson is also available.

We offers a custom-made lesson program for each client.

“Whenever, wherever, and whoever.”

Anyone can start a dance lesson with your smartphone!

The online lesson for LINE
Free lesson first time!
500yen/30 minutes

(LINE lesson payment is done via LINE!)
Please feel free to contact us!

Official LINE QR code

Once your payment confirms, we will arrange the date of the first lesson.

online payment

Credit card
bank transfer
cash on delivery (fee 324 yen)


For those looking for a dance instructor

A visiting dance instructor is available from 1 lesson.”

Junior and high school dance clubs, fitness and culture schools, hospitals, companies, stores, individual houses, etc. We will dispatch experienced dance instructors to meet the needs of our clients.
“Dance lesson” “Original choreography”
“Private dance lesson”
“Nursing exercise, fall prevention training, rhythmic gymnastics”
“Improvement of health, dance workout, posture correction”
“Practice for dancers”

Dance Lessons

Various dance genres are available.
Hip Hop, Jazz, Theater Jazz, Breakdancing, House Dance, Popping, Breaking, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Cheerleading, Dance for kids, Dance for elderly, Fall Prevention Training, Rhythmic Gymnastics

If you are not sure about the genre of dance, please do not hesitate to make an inquiry without specifying genre. For example, the dance that ○○ is dancing, dance that spin by using a head, robot dance, etc.

Original choreography

Based on the request from customers, we will create original choreography from high school dance contest to professional artist.

We have received requests from many groups. For example, high school dance competitions, professional artists, dance contests, advertisement, wedding ceremonies, etc.

Private dance lesson

One dance instructor is assigned to each client and we have a private dance lesson. You can create your own dance lesson that suits you, such as a supplemental class for school PE classes, a dance lesson for auditions, and a private dance lesson for an artist.


Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture
We dispatch instructors in the Kanto area.

Example of our dispatch area

Hospitals/Nursing facilities /Companies /Stores/Individual houses
Dance program for nursery schools or kindergartens
Afterschool class for elementary school students/Junior high and high school dance club/Culture school/ Fitness club/Dance school/Corporate welfare programs/Show biz production companies/Theatrical companies劇団

Contract money from the client

“Fees and payment<For sending instructor>.”
It depends on the term of lessons, dispatch area, lesson time, genre, lecturer, number of lessons.

<About payment>

In the case of one-time dispatch lesson (including short-term), please make a bank transfer in advance.
For regular dispatch lesson in a fixed schedule, closing take place at month-end, and please make a bank transfer by the 25th of the following month.

You can also purchase tickets from here!

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The First-Place Contact Us

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